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A garage door opener is really convenient. It is so convenient that they have to break occasionally to remind us of how convenient they really are. If your garage door opener no longer opens your garage door, call us at 864-972-7600. We may be able to point you to an easy fix. Our phone consultations are always free. If not, we’ll be on the way to your home or business with everything needed to fix your garage door opener.

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Garage Door Opener Trouble Shooting Tips

As with every electrical or mechanical device there comes a time when the garage door opener doesn’t work.  The question is “What to do now?”.

Your first impulse may be to run to your computer, type in “garage door opener” in your favorite search engine and begin researching. Or, you may just look for the first phone number you can find for someone to call to take care of the problem.

There are some things about garage doors that you shouldn’t try to do on your own.  Mainly replacing broken torsion springs. But garage door openers can possibly be fixed by a DIY type of homeowner.

In trouble shooting, the first thing you should check are the controlling devices. You’ll need to check your remote control and the control that is attached to the wall.

For the garage door opener remote, it’s a simple matter to check the batteries.  No big deal here.

The wall controller may be a little more to deal with.  There is some power going to the switch. You’ll want to check the continuity of the electrical leads going to the unit.  The outlet plug may be loose or perhaps there is some damage to the wire going to the garage door controller.

After you check for electrical or control unit problems you’ll want to check for obstructions in the track.  The tracks must be free from any kind of material that would interfere with the operation of your garage door.

Also the tracks can become dented.  These dents will cause the door not to operate correctly and may stop the door literally in its tracks.  Aside from removing material in the tracks, there is not much a homeowner can do if the tracks need replaced. That is a job for garage door professionals.

One other thing a DIYer can check is the “stop/reverse” light.  If the light is blocked or no longer points in the correct direction then your garage door door won’t work.

If you’ve diagnosed your garage door opener problem and you’ve determined that it is beyond your means to fix it yourself, the next thing to do is call a garage door repair company.  For a licensed and insured company in the Simpsonville area, you can call Simpsonville Garage Door Service.  They are local and provide same day emergency service.  You can reach them about your garage door opener or any garage door related equipment at 864-972-7600.

Simpsonville Garage Door Service

Simpsonville Garage Door Service 864-972-7600

Types of garage door springs

All the different spring systems are designed to assist with balancing the doors weight allowing the average person to easily lift even the heaviest of door manually.

In the event you have a garage door opener, garage door springs take some of the burden off the motor and drive system. Electric openers are only designed to guide the door up and down not to actually lift the door’s weight.

Torsion garage door springs are by far and away the most popular style and are used by about 90% of all manufacturers in one form or another.

They are mounted on a 1″ shaft directly above the door in a single or double configuration. On most doors the garage door spring will be centered in the middle of the door but on rare occasions they are mounted directly to the cable drums or located near the back of the door tracks for cases where there is a low clearance situation.

The next most popular garage door springs system is probably the garage door extension spring.

The stretch spring lifting system has been around for a very long time. These springs are generally located just above the horizontal door tracks. These garage door springs get their lifting capacity from being pulled or stretched as the garage door closes. Most garage doors use a single spring system utilizing one spring on each side of the garage door track. The springs will have a cable pulley secured at one end of the spring and the other end will be anchored where the door tracks are supported. A cable will run from the garage doors bottom bracket up to a cable located just above the door around the pulley that is secured to the spring and back to the front track area.

Hopefully you gained some basic knowledge and understanding of garage door springs and can identify your lifting system. Remember garage door springs can be dangerous and you always need to wear safety glasses gloves and use the proper tools when working on your garage door. If you do not feel comfortable performing the repair or are of unsure of the procedures always call your local garage door technician at 864-972-7600.

Routine Maintenance Becomes Key To Garage Door Health

When was the last time you performed routine preventive maintenance on your garage door? Although your garage door is a great convenience and usually works well, virtually all home owners take it for granted.

According to a recent US survey, 45% of homeowners who have a garage use the garage door as the primary point of entry into their home. In addition, a separate survey indicates that 71% use their garage door openers to operate their garage doors.

This seems like enough evidence to convince anyone about the importance of regular maintenance for their garage doors and openers. An important thing to remember is that a garage door opener can easily raise a 450 pound double residential door. Therefore, if a door reverses as it is closing, it is logical that the door opening mechanism should be thoroughly checked out.

Here are some important routine preventive maintenance tips for your garage door and garage door opener.

Keep remote controls away from children and do not let them play with the wall control panel.

Semi-annually, you should deactivate the automatic garage door opener while the door is closed. Do this by pulling on the red cord or pull rope.

Then perform a balance test on your garage door. Once the garage door is disconnected from the garage door opener opener, check to verify if the garage door is properly balanced. Open the garage door half way. The garage door should remain there without you touching it. If this is not the case, you may have a garage door cable or spring malfunction. Call us so that we can further diagnose your problem.

Visually inspect your garage door’s rails, chain/belt and mounting brackets. Horizontal rails should always be parallel to insure that the door operates properly.

Lubricate all of your garage door’s metal parts twice a year with a proper metal lubricant. The same applies for weather seals. Make sure to use a silicone based lubricant. This will add years of worry-free operation to your garage door.

Do a reversal test on your garage door opener. This will ensure that the reversal mechanisms of your garage door opener are working. Since 1996, all garage door openers are equipped with two safety systems. The first one is a photocell system that will stop and reverse the motion of the door whenever a person or object passes through the light beam. The second system will stop and reverse the door automatically if it senses any resistance while the door is closing.

A little routine maintenance and care of your garage door and opener will go a long way to helping your garage door perform as it was designed and remain the convenience it was designed to be.

A New Generation Of Garage Doors

Chances are you don’t purchase a new garage door every day. That means that when it’s your turn to enter the market, you’ll probably want to acquaint yourself with the newer options.

Garage doors used to be made primarily of wood. That’s no longer the case as manufacturers introduce garage doors made of more durable materials.

In the old days, a wood garage door was the mainstay of residential construction. In fact, you can still purchase a wood door today, but if you do, you’ll be one of the few people to do so.

Most people are purchasing steel or aluminum garage doors. Some of these garage doors are backed by rigid foam insulation. Steel Panels are usually made of 24 gage steel and they make a long lasting door that will provide excellent service for years to come.

Steel and aluminum garage doors are embossed with wood grain patterns or with a smooth finish. When shopping you’ll want to look for a model with a baked on primer and polyester topcoat. This combination of finishes will provide excellent protection against rust.

Warranties for metal doors start at 10 years, but limited lifetime coverage is also available.

Many of the newest models of garage doors are made of plastic. Plastic is a light material that has the added benefit of not requiring routine maintenance. Plastic garage doors are corrosion and rot free. Best yet, their light weight allows them to operate very quietly. Plastic garage doors are highly durable, won’t fade in the sun and usually carry a 20 year warranty.

Plastic garage doors can be given a warm, wood-like appearance and can be made to compliment the style of any home.

The future looks bright for the continued advances in the materials used in the construction of garage doors. One day you may be purchasing a garage door made with carbon fiber, glass or perhaps an acrylic composite material that will last a thousand years.

For great service with the installation, service or repair of any type of garage door just call us. We love working on garage doors and you’ll love our low prices.

Garage Door Designs Add Spark To Down Real Estate Market

Your garage door’s appearance, whether good or bad, can make a huge difference to the appearance of your home. To enhance your home’s value, spend a few bucks to spiff up your garage door.

Most people don’t think of their garage door very often except to open it or close it. But there’s money to be made in your garage door’s appearance.

One relatively easy way to increase the value of your home is to install a new garage door. Yes, you could remodel your kitchen or a bathroom and that wouldn’t hurt anything. But perhaps the biggest return on investment for your home improvement dollar is in front of where you park your car, store a lot of your stuff or both. Your garage door.

A new garage door with decorative features may be just the ticket to increasing your home’s value.

Here are some of the considerations.

Garage doors with raised panels have a very classic look. The best part is that they can be painted in different ways to enhance the panels. This makes the garage door stand out far beyond what a solid color may do.

Overhead garage doors featuring a carriage house pattern can make a huge difference to your home’s curb appeal. They are built to resemble the look of carriage house or barn doors. Carriage style doors often look like they are on hinges and open outward, but they’re actually convenient overhead garage doors that are completely out of the way when they are open.

Windows on garage doors can also make a big difference to the door’s appearance. Palladium style windows, if they match the decor of your house can really make an great impression. What ever type of window you have in your garage door, the idea is to match the type of window in the rest of your house.

Garage doors can be made from semi-opaque acrylic. They let light pass though the garage door but no details of the items inside the garage can be discerned. Although this style is highly unusual and very expensive, on the right house they can present an amazing appearance. This is specially true on a contemporary style house and if the garage door panels are backlit.

If your budget is tight, but you want to make a dramatic improvement to the appearance of your house, you can paint your garage door in just a couple of hours. The transformation will be stunning, particularly if you use multiple colors.

An updated garage door adds 1% to 4% to the value of your home. That’s a lot for just painting your door, specially if you can get to the 4% side of the range.

For all your garage door repair and installation needs, just call us. We’re standing by with all the equipment and knowledge necessary to respond to all of your garage door needs.

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